Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hospitalist Salaries

Hospitalists are the craze! I'm starting my internal medicine residency this July and I'm now considering being a hospitalist. Not so much because they make a great salary - they don't! But what I like about the hospitalist set-up is that there are a variety of practice models you can follow: one week on, one week off, or four days on, and then 3 days off, etc. This can translate into a lot of free time! I love my free time. Granted, you work hard when you are on and you can work upwards of 80 hours a week, but the flip side is that you rarely have to take call in those set-ups. Again, so my free time is mine! Hospitalists make decent bank. A few of the hospitalist companies that I contacted (as well as close friends going through the job hunt process) told me that a typical base salary in a private practice group (non-academic) was around $150,000. Now, this may or may not be a lot to you, but considering I have a huge amount of medical school debt, it doesn't sound like a whole lot to me! Now, here's the sweet part of being a hospitalist - the incentive bonuses. These can range from another $10,000 to $60,000+ depending on how hard you want to work. So, the 150k is guaranteed if you see say 15 patients a day. Let's say you see twenty patients and throw in a couple procedures, you are likely to get your bonus. There are some hospitalists with base salary + bonus that are clearing $300,000 a year! And that's for 2 weeks of (hard) work a month! Just something to think about if you are considering medicine as a career.

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Mary said...

Whoa - I have to say I'm impressed by the salary + bonus of a hospitalist. I'm starting at BCM in the fall and I'm really attracted to EM, Critical Care, Hospitalist or Neonate just because of the variety of practice settings possible. Any advice for someone trying to pick a speciality?